Who’s Who?


Jaclyn and Linda met on the girls drill team at Lowell High School, where they made up lyrics to copyrighted tunes.  If it weren’t for Jaclyn, Linda would have no clothes to wear. And if it weren’t for Linda, Jaclyn would be in jail for embezzling money.  Jaclyn is a nurse at White Memorial Hospital!






Linda also met Diana on the Lowell Girls Drill Team (it was the thing to do back in the day). When Linda told Diana she wasn’t going to prom, Diana cried. Just think of what she did when she told her she was getting married?!  Diana is a star auditor at Kaiser Permanente.






Joyce and Linda met on…take a wild guess, yup on the Lowell Girls Drill Team. They both love eating Asian food especially in the SGV where Joyce recently became mayor. To work off all the food they eat they try to exercise as much as possible together. Its very difficult for them to exercise because they both are allergic to their own sweat. Joyce is an up and coming actress in Hollywood.







Brian and Denver met on the bus to G.A.T.E. camp.  Denver beat out Brian for the role of Peter Pan in the 8th grade but somehow they remained friends through it all.  Since Denver’s retirement from being a leading actor, this has made way for Brian to shine;  he is currently an actor extrodinare in Hollywood. Be sure to look out for Brian in his latest breakout role as ketchup in the latest hidden valley ranch commercial.




Denver and Chris met through drama at Clark Intermediate.  Chris has a singing voice from the heavens, but trying to get him to perform nowadays is like trying to get milk from a cat. Back in the day Denver and Chris would perform around Clovis together. The bootleg copy of their biggest hit “We Ask of You” continues to be a hot item on the black market. Chris now dresses the biggest pop stars through his company Marco Marco. 





C.M. met Denver when he was born.  As his older brother, he taught him many things an older brother should: how to keep track of his keys and wallet at all times and how to be very neat and organized.  C.M. is the start-up king of Silicon-Valley Orinda.  Last year he launched the Mt. Whitney trekking company TSX Challenge, and he’s currently developing an even bigger project (which he’ll glady demo for you at the wedding 🙂



Linda’s parents are Bill and Judy Cheng. Yes they have different last names, its a short story, ask anyone if you want to hear it. Her brothers are Mark and Michael.

Denver’s parents are Chris and Valerie Casado. His siblings are Chris (wife-Un), Sarah (husband-Kevin) and Tony.